Chislehurst & Sidcup Housing Association

Providing cost effective, efficient services

Value For Money

Part of our Annual Report includes a summary of the activities we have been involved in over the last year to achieve value for money.

As a non-profit making housing association we are committed to ensuring we collect 100% of rental income from our properties. We are equally committed to ensuring that, wherever possible, we achieve cost savings when providing services to all our tenants. These commitments enable us to meet our regulatory requirements to assess and report how we achieve Value for Money.

Since 2016 the Association has been obliged to produce an annual Value for Money statement which we have had pleasure in producing regardless of our obligation to do so. By outlining our performance with regards to how Association money is spent, we have an opportunity to reconfirm our commitment to ensuring appropriate and wise use of assets the Association is responsible for.

A copy of our statement is included in our Annual Report which all our tenants receive and which can be found below: