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Moving Home

There are lots of reasons why people want to move; and a few important things to remember if you decide to terminate your tenancy.

This section outlines what you need to do to end your tenancy with the Association.

If you move through exchange or transfer, you are responsible for checking the condition of your new home. You must be sure the property is at a standard that you are happy to move into and live in. If the property you are moving to needs decorating or has any small repairs that need to be done, these will be your responsibility unless we need to transfer you.  

Ending your tenancy

Depending on the type of tenancy you have:

  • You have to write to us giving 28 days’ notice of the date you want your tenancy to end and tell us where you are moving to
  • We will write back to you to confirm the date the tenancy will end (this will normally be a Sunday)
  • You must pay your rent up to the date your tenancy ends, even if you move out before then, and
  • You must pay off any rent arrears that you may have.

You are responsible for clearing your home, removing any rubbish and leaving the home in a reasonably decorated and clean condition. You must not remove any fixtures or fittings.

We will expect you to restore any original fixtures and fittings that you have removed without our permission. If we have to remove rubbish, or carry out repairs or replacements, we will charge you the cost.

You must also remove all your belongings from your home. If you do not, we may charge you for clearing them.

You must return your keys to us before 12 noon on the Monday that your tenancy ends. If you do not, we will continue to charge you the full rent until the keys are returned.

Can you move me to a new home?

You may need a new home because your circumstances have changed. If this is the case, let us know straight away. If there is a very serious threat to your health and safety, we may be able to help you transfer to an empty property or - alternative accommodation arranged with your local council. 

If you live in an area where there is a ‘choice based lettings’ scheme (see below), the first step is to register.

We will be happy to help and advise throughout the process.

How do I swap my home with another tenant?

A ‘mutual exchange’ is when you swap your home with another tenant. You have the right to carry out a mutual exchange unless you have a legal notice or court order for your rent arrears or antisocial behaviour.

Both tenants who want to swap must have our approval. We usually agree to the exchange, but if we do say ‘no’, we will write to you within 28 working days of your request to tell you why. If you need advice, please contact us.

There is a national scheme called Homeswapper for tenants across the country who want to do an exchange. You can register with the scheme and look at properties on the website at

What is a ‘choice based lettings’ scheme?

Bromley Homeseekers, Bexley Homechoice and Lewisham Homesearch are examples of ‘choice based lettings’ schemes. They have replaced the old council ‘waiting lists’.

If you would like more information about your local scheme, please contact us.