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Safety and Security In Your Home

This section provides a few simple tips for keeping your home safe when you’re in and when you’re away.

How do I know I am safe in my home?

A door entry system may be fitted to your block of flats. This helps to keep you and your neighbours safe. It also helps to prevent vandalism by keeping strangers out. 

  • Always make sure the main door is closed when you are coming and going.
  • Never let anyone in unless you know they are entitled to be in the building. 
  • If you see anyone vandalising property, contact the police immediately.

We work closely with the fire and rescue service. We carry out fire risk assessments in all our blocks of flats and take action to keep them safe and free from fire dangers. Smoking is not allowed in shared areas including lifts and corridors.

Staying away from home

If you leave your home for more than a few days, such as going on holiday, please remember to:

  • Save money by turning your heating off or down. 
  • Let your Sheltered Housing Manager know when you will be returning.

If you plan to leave your home for more than 28 days, you must let us know in writing. If we think you have abandoned the property, we may begin proceedings to take back your home.