Chislehurst & Sidcup Housing Association

Providing cost effective, efficient services

Our Mission, Our Values, Our Promise

We are a passionate group of people who are individually and collectively committed to providing great services that meet the needs of our tenants. Led by a Chief Executive, with four direct reports, the Association employs thirteen staff; six of whom are based at the head office in Chislehurst and seven are based in our schemes.

Our Mission

“Provide cost effective, efficient and caring services that meet needs in new and existing areas of operation and enable people who require housing with support to live as normal a life as possible in the community”.

Our Values

The Association has adopted six Values which set out the ways tenants and service users can expect to be treated. Our Values have been arrived out after extensive consultation with tenants and our Board; and we seek to implement our Values in everything we do, especially the way in which we deliver services to our tenants. 

Our Values are:

  • Respect: To treat tenants with courtesy and respect even when the conduct and language of others is challenging or difficult.
  • Understanding: To cooperate and empathise with tenants, in order to achieve cooperation and mutual understanding.
  • Tolerance: To enable tenants to put forward their views, in order to achieve a better living environment for them and others.
  • Equality: To have regard to the uniqueness of individuals including their abilities, their beliefs and their preferences, regardless of their race, gender, religion or religious belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and transgender.
  • Privacy: To preserve people's rights to confidentiality; to exercise control over their own personal lives.
  • Integrity: To act in a consistent and even-handed way in all our relationships and decision making.

Our Promise

We aim to get things right the first time and to respond to all feedback.  We monitor the satisfaction of our tenants and use robust methods to check on the quality of services we deliver to them.

Year on year we aim to improve our overall performance in terms of standards and efficiency.  In consultation with our tenants the Association has developed a promise which summarises the way in which we will be accountable to them.

Our promise is:

“We will consult and listen to you, giving you choice about the services that directly affect you; and ensure that you have the opportunity to become involved in the governance of the Association through the tenants’ Panel and the Board. We will also publish information on our performance to ensure that we are accountable to you and where we get things wrong we will work hard to get them right”.