Chislehurst & Sidcup Housing Association

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Getting Involved

There is a unique sense of community at each of our schemes.

This section outlines a few of the ways that you can engage with your community and with us.


The Association engages with tenants in various ways.

The Association has adopted the Together with Tenants Charter which seeks to strengthen our relationship with tenants. By adopting this Charter, we have made six commitments that set out what tenants can expect from our relationship with them, and how they can hold us to account.

In order to ensure that we are adhering to these commitments, the Association's performance is scrutinised by our Tenant Engagement Scrutiny Panel (TESP), against the National Engagement Standards, which were developed by the Tenant Participation Advisory Service.

Other ways in which we engage with our tenants include:-

  • Meeting with tenants on a quarterly basis at each scheme.
  • Carrying out surveys.
  • Monitoring our service standards in conjunction with tenants.
  • Engaging with tenants via our Tenant Engagement Scrutiny Panel (TESP).
  • Consulting tenants on relevant policies and procedures.