Chislehurst & Sidcup Housing Association

Providing cost effective, efficient services

Our Services

We specialise in providing homes for people aged 60 years and over who wish to maintain their independence; and, through our Sheltered Housing Managers, we provide assistance that enables our tenants to do just that.

Our staff are dedicated to supporting each household to live as independently as possible; therefore, our Sheltered Housing Managers provide a delicate balance of support, scheme management, social events and other services that help us to meet our objectives.

Each of our designated Sheltered Housing Managers can signpost tenants to external services that help with everyday matters such as money advice, getting medical intervention or support with personal care. All sheltered housing tenants are offered a support plan which helps to ensure we maximise independence and promote wellbeing for all tenants.

Sheltered Housing Managers work weekdays between 8.30 to 5.30pm. At all other times there is an out of hours service provided.