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Tenant Information

This section of our website is designed with tenants in mind. It contains useful information at different stages of a tenancy; including the types of tenancies available, paying rent, moving into a new home and options to consider should a move be needed.

This section also outlines some of the responsibilities for tenants and starts with the Association’s responsibility to take care of the information we hold.

For more details you can ask your Sheltered Housing Manager for a copy of the tenants’ Handbook.


Our computer system holds personal details such as your name and date of birth.

It also holds other information such as:

  • Details of rent payments you have made
  • Notes of the times you have contacted us and the reasons why
  • Details if you have been the victim or have been accused of antisocial behaviour
  • Information such as your communication needs, disability and ethnic background, if you have given it to us, and
  • Copies of letters and emails

Only staff who need to see information about you can do so. Sometimes we need to work closely with other organisations such as local councils, social services and the police. We have rules in place that say what information we can share.

Can someone else talk to you for me?

We can discuss your personal affairs with any person you ask to act on your behalf. We will normally ask you both to sign a simple agreement that confirms this.

Why do I have to answer security questions when I call?

Most of our tenants contact us by phone, and we need to make sure that callers are who they say they are.

When you phone or visit us, we may need to ask you to give a password or answer security questions about yourself. We will do this before we release any confidential information to you. This also applies to anyone you ask to talk to us on your behalf.

Can I have copies of my information?

You have the right to ask us to give you copies of information held about you. We will do this within 40 days. You can make a request by letter or email, clearly explaining or listing the information you want.